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About Us


HMA&S are providing solutions to security concerns for the last 140 years.

Security concerns have been as old as the human race. People remained concerned for the security of their person as well as property more particularly their monies and valuables.

The saga of artistic craftsmanship relating to steel security equipment began under the skilled entrepreneurship of (late) Haji Muhammad Abdullah whose innovative skills quickly established the firm H.M Abdullah & Sons as a trendsetter. HMA&S had been successful in competing for its local as well as western competitors and emerged as a market leader in the manufacturing of steel security equipment pre-partition era.
HMA&S are the single largest and oldest banking and steel equipment manufacturing concern being in this field since the very inception of this industry in the Indo Pak Sub Continent with over a century’s professional experience at its credit.


Haji Muhammad Abdullah (Late)

Founder HMA&S

We are specialized in manufacturing all kind of steel-related products, steel furniture, and wrought iron furniture, Brass locks, etc. and contracts of civil nature for banks, and offices.
We are the only concern who have been exporting quality security equipment to Mid-East countries and Afghanistan and no doubt the only concern having the credit of installing country’s major safe deposit vaults, library, and laboratory racks and after-sale services throughout the country.
We are the only authorized maintenance engineer of various Embassies in Islamabad and approved civil and Military Contractors as well.

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