HMA&S | Corporate Social Responsibilities
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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Linear Park, Timber Maket II

Sanitizer Walkthrough, Social Security Hospital

Linear Park, Timber Maket

Building on the success of our values that make HMA&S what it is today we aim to incorporate ethical trade into the way we do business. We understand our customers trust us to deliver our promises on quality and price and this is no different when considering their growing awareness of the responsible business. At HMA&S there is a deep understanding and belief that as we expand we must rise to meet any new challenges.


We take corporate social responsibility extremely seriously and for us, it is not enough to simply comply with the minimum requirements. We are increasingly finding ways to continuously challenge and improve our standards. We are as passionate about this as when we first set out on our original mission to supply high-quality affordable products.


We recognize purchasing practices can be a major factor in causing mistreatment for workers. We look at our way of doing business with our suppliers and take care not to place unrealistic deadlines and pressure on them. Through collaborative agendas with suppliers, we are dedicated to encourage good custom and support positive change. We are determined to make sure when you buy an HMA&S product, great care and attention to detail is taken to create the product and better the livelihoods of the workers involved.


At HMA&S we are all One Team. No matter if it’s at our head office, production facility, or a distribution center we are all working simultaneously to one aim. At HMA&S we are always searching for ways we can contribute gifts to our community. Through collective efforts with carefully and personally chosen charities, we make donations hoping to make a real difference. One such initiative is our collaboration with Deputy Commissioner Gujranwala to establish Linear Park. More Than Just Green Spaces: Linear Parks Create Social, Economic and Environmental Benefits for Neighbourhoods


Attempting to minimize our impact on the environment we are eager to listen to customers and employees alike to find new alternatives. We promote green practice among the business and examine ways to make it easier for our customers to recycle. We are supporters of sustainability and the environment.

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