HMA&S | The Story
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The Story

Modern Era Transition

Being in the market for 140 years and yet being an equally reputable successful running business for the fourth consecutive generation is attribute only associated with only HMA&S company. This HMA&S is possibly the oldest and ancient tagged living company in the region standardized and founded by Haji Muhammad Abdullah in 1880 in Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan. He belonged to a migrant family who set their foot in the region of arts and crafts to rule. He was skilled in artistry and had masterfulness in the work of steel of fabrication which led him to fulfill his desires by transforming them into materializing approaches by establishing a profound company.

Continuing The Legacy

The journey span of 140 years still is being recognized for its artistic fashion and state of the art designs perspective. It is the result of sincere efforts, management, endeavors which were laden and endowed by Haji Muhammad Abdullah (Late) that is ensured and kept up as his legacy which is very well maintained and established to date. This persistence, perseverance and the ongoing company is resting in the business empire for 140 years and still has a long, vivid way to travel.

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