HMA&S | Our Experts
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Our Experts

Abdul Rahim Khokhar (Late)

Chief Executive

After completing his education from Aligarh University, joined the family business in 1935 and took HMA&S to new heights. Since the birth of Pakistan till 1990 it remained the single and the largest company of its kind.

Ayub ul Hassan Khokhar


Joined family business in 1982, took reign as CEO in 1989 and revitalized the company.

Ashar Ayub


Mr Ashar completes his MBIT From Melbourne, Australia. He emphasizes on related task according to the nature of the concerned department and desired framework and able to engage the team in a proper manner.

Khawar Ayub Khokhar

Director, Legal Affairs

Khawar Ayub Khokhar is passionate about efficient production techniques. He keeps on managing things in the most efficient of ways to keep quality and cost at their most optimum points to deliver the best.

Afaq Ayub

Director of Marketing, R&D

With a Master Degree in Business & Administration, Afaq  Ayub is the man behind all the developments; He manages a highly capable team of mechatronics and software engineers to develop new systems at HMA&S.

Gohar Ayub

Director of Finance

Gohar Ayub holds an Honors degree in the fields of Marketing & Finance. He is responsible for all financial areas. He loves exploring new horizons in everything he does and keeps everyone on their toes.

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